1980 Works


The pattern is similar to that used in Print Out (1979).
First shown in preliminary form in Canberra in 1983 ('A Melbourne Mood'), and subsequently purchased in its completed state for the NGA collection.
Widely exhibited and reproduced early installation, acquired for the NGV in 1982.
Collaborative work included in the 1991 Monash Arkley survey.
Arkley’s tram was the 12th in a series of 16 commissioned by the Victorian Government; it was sold at auction in 1986.


First shown in 1980 as 'Ticks and Crosses', and then later with the inscribed title Arrows and Crosses; also known as 'Op'.
Square canvas related to Lattice and Grids 1980 [aka 'Lattices'].
This work, shown at Tolarno in 1981 as 'Lattice and Grids', was exhibited at Monash in 1991 as 'Lattices'.
An embroidery source provided the main source for this canvas, exhibited in 1980.
'Double door' based on computer print-out patterns; exhibited in Sydney in 1980.
Smaller canvas closely related to several other works of this period, especially Printout - Drawing for Decorated Tram 4 (1980).
Elegant, expansive variant of Futurist with Dots (1979), entered in the Georges Art Prize in 1980.

Works on Paper

Unidentified work shown in Hamilton in 1980; possibly identical with one of the other ‘Tram drawings’ dating from 1980.
'Functional Object' first shown in Canberra in 1983, and subsequently acquired for the NGA.
Shown in Canberra in 1983 and acquired for the NGA in 1984; possibly identical with one of the drawings shown at Hamilton in 1980.
Tram drawing preserved on the verso of W Chair (Functional Objects series) (1980) [W/P].
Shown in Canberra 1983 and HA Monash 1991 as ‘Red Dress’, 1980-81.
Shown in Canberra in 1983 and in HA Monash 1991, these works are obviously closely related to the four chairs in Muzak Mural – Chair Tableau (1980-81) [3/M] .
The patterning of this work on paper is closely related to that used for Tram no.384 1980 [3/M].
Unidentified work shown in Hamilton in 1980; possibly one of the other ‘Tram drawings’ catalogued here.
= Dress 1980 [W/P]
First shown in Canberra in 1983 as 'Silver Room'.
= Room Interior 1980 [W/P]
First shown in Canberra in 1983 and acquired for the NGA in 1984.
One of two tram drawings exhibited in 1983 and now in the NGA: see also Drawing for Decorated Tram Project 1980 [W/P].
A variant of the black chair in Four Chairs W, V, X, T 1980 [W/P] (NGA, Canberra).
A work on paper that compares closely with various other Arkleys from 1980-81.
The patterning is comparable with that used for Arabesque 1979 [aka Floral].

Works on Paper Minor

Sketchbooks S 12-14 and no.D 11 in the Visual Diaries series all contain sketches and notes relating to works from 1980.
HA's studio c.1980

(photo: Arkley’s studio c.1980, including several of the ‘doors’ and chairs dating from this period [Arkley archive])

In his second show of doors, at the Coventry Gallery in May, Arkley consolidated his development of a style based largely on decorative and ‘everyday’ references. He pursued this project further in several installations and work-on-paper ‘functional objects’ – a phrase he first used in the statement written to accompany Tram no.384 (1980) [3/M].

During the year, Arkley and Elizabeth Gower separated; however, the two remained close friends in subsequent years, and, since his death, Gower has commented thoughtfully on their time together (as quoted in Grogan 2002; see also Carnival 145-7). Subsequently, he began living with Lyn Oliver, moved into a new studio in Windsor, and started to teach part-time at Prahran CAE (for further details, see Duncan 1991: 21 and Preston 2002: 93ff.).

1980 Exhibitions

‘Howard Arkley’, Coventry Gallery, Sydney, March 1980

– refer linked entry for full details

3rd R.M.Ansett Hamilton Art Award, Hamilton Art Gall., Oct.-Nov.1980

Georges Invitation Art Prize, Melbourne (check-list in A)


Four Holders of the Alliance Française Art Fellowship, Alliance Française, Melbourne, 8 June – 8 July 1980

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