MUMA 2009 brochure

[photo: Arkley’s Family Home: Suburban Exterior (1993) in the ‘Primary Views’ exhibition at Monash University, Dec.2008-March 2009]

The tenth anniversary of Arkley’s death passed without formal recognition. However, a major new development occurred at mid year, with the completion and opening of the new Lyon Housemuseum, located in the established Melbourne suburb of Kew. During the 1990s, Melbourne architect Corbett Lyon and his wife Yueji had assembled an impressive group of Arkley’s major works, as part of their remarkable collection of contemporary Australian art. These works naturally formed key elements of the new museum installation, both Outside-Inside-Out (1995) and Fabricated Rooms (1997-99) being allocated dedicated spaces in the extensive new building. For a useful survey, based on interviews with Lyon, see Fitzgerald 2010 (including good installation photographs).

During the year, several of Arkley’s works appeared at auction, notably Mosaic Entrance 1994, which sold at Deutscher-Menzies’ Sydney auction in December.

2009 Exhibitions

(see also exhibitions continuing from 2008)

‘Child Like: Selected works from the TWMA collection’, TarraWarra Museum of Art, 21 Aug. – 8 Nov.2009

‘Australian Paintings’, Hamilton City Art Gallery, Hamilton, Victoria, 30 Dec.2009-7 Feb.2010

City of Glen Eira gallery, collection show 2009 {exact dates unknown}