1973 Works


This work apparently won the Caltex Alva Prize in Morwell in 1973.
Unidentified painting entered in the Bunbury Art Prize, Western Australia, in 1974 (prize-winner?).
= Fast Lid 1974

Works on Paper

Unidentified work listed in Arkley's files.
Work on paper entered in the Minnie Crouch Prize, Ballarat, March 1973.
Unidentified work listed in Arkley’s files.
Unidentified work listed in Arkley’s files.
Typical of Arkley's early works on paper, but in a lighter vein, this appears to have been intended as a gift.
An early work on paper featuring coloured air-brushing and stencilling.
A highly finished abstract work possibly exhibited under another title.

Arkley in masquerade 1973

(photo: Arkley in masquerade, Prahran, 1973; photo by Elizabeth Gower? [Arkley archive])

Arkley completed his diploma at Prahran, exhibited in a student show at Hawthorn City Gallery, and submitted several works to art prizes during the year. He and Elizabeth Gower moved into a shared studio space at 282 Chapel Street, Prahran (there are numerous photos in the Arkley archive, e.g. the example shown here). Arkley’s files also contain slides dating from July 1973, showing the couple on holiday in Sydney (with John Nixon and Jenny Watson). In December, Arkley and Gower were married: see photos in Arkley’s archive (and wedding photo in Preston 2002, facing p.118).

1973 Exhibitions

(details here via Duncan 1991:16 & 31, and HA Bio.1969-75)

‘Four Painters’, Hawthorn City Gallery

  • 3 paintings and 6 drawings, unidentified (acc.to Bio.1969-75)

Minnie Crouch Prize exh., Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, 21 March-25 April 1973

Perth Prize for Drawing International exh., AGWA [cat.in Arkley’s archive, listing title]

Caltex Drawing Biennial? [acc.to Bio.1969-75]

  • 2 drawings: Germinating (1973?) [W/P]; Reading (1973?) [W/P] (each 24” x 32”; each priced at $55, acc.to roneod check-list in Arkley’s files, headed ‘“Festival of Drawing” – Supplementary catalogue’: details yet to trace)

Caltex Alva Prize exh., La Trobe Regional Gallery, Morwell, 1973

  • Carbonite (1973): 1st prize [acc.to HA Bio.1969-75]; acquired for La Trobe coll.

Corio 5 Star Whisky Prize exh., Geelong Art Gallery, c.Dec.1973

  • Speeding: probably = Fast Lid 1974 (now NGV); NB there is an Arkley archive slide of this picture, with process date Jun74, labelled ‘Speeding’; see also Makin 1973 (reviewing the Corio Prize exhibition; unfortunately, the Geelong Art Gallery has no record of this exhibition)

The Ronald Prize 1973 (ref. Bio.1969-75: no other details)