1972 Works


This painting, clearly a close relative of Transpass 1972, was first exhibited at the 1991 Monash Arkley survey.
One of Arkley's first significant works, this painting earnt him his first major award, the Frankston Art Prize in 1974.
Not exhibited or reproduced. Possibly incomplete? The date is suggested by Arkley’s file slide (processed Dec72).
Arkley's file slide (taken in 1974?) is the sole source for this work, possibly identical with one of the other unidentified canvases dating from 1973-4.
Arkley’s file slide (processed Dec72) suggests the date proposed here – as does the style.

Works on Paper

An assured early drawing acquired by exchange.
Drawing preserved in Arkley's studio collection, possibly exhibited in 1973.
Work on paper exhibited in HA Monash 1991, together with What it's like to be captured by my friends (1972) [W/P].
This work, exhibited in the 1991 Monash Arkley survey, depicts a series of small 'creatures' characteristic of the artist's early work.
Meticulous work originally including coloured patterning in the cut-out area.
Shown together with Have you any glass friends (1972) [W/P] in the 1991 Arkley survey at Monash.
The third of the group exhibited at Hawthorn in 1972, this drawing was preserved in Arkley's studio collection.
No longer extant? See now Zoo drawing no.3 1972 [W/P].
An early abstract composition; the signature suggests it may have been exhibited at some stage.
Exploration of the contrast between sprayed and linear forms.
Finely-detailed pencil drawing from the artist's studio; possibly exhibited?
Finely-detailed early drawing, possibly exhibited in 1973.
An example of Arkley's transitional style in 1972, combining quirky critters with abstract shapes.

Arkley with Laura's Living Black 1972

(Arkley with Laura’s Living Black 1972; photo: Elizabeth Gower [artist’s archive])

Arkley turned 21 during the year, and his style now began to take on a more assured and distinctive form, with the air-brush prominent in a series of larger scale paintings. He continued his Diploma at Prahran CAE (most units now completed), and met Elizabeth Gower there in 1972 (see Spray 15, and Duncan 1991: 15).

His production was increasingly prolific during this early period (c.1972-4) preceding his first solo exhibition in 1975. However, there is considerable difficulty in establishing precise details for many of his works and exhibitions at this stage.

1972 Exhibitions

Corio 5 Star Whisky Prize, Geelong

  • Laura’s Living Black 1972 (?) [or possibly a different work? NB size noted in Bio.1969-75 as 5½’ x 7’ – i.e. oblong rather than square in format; unfortunately the Geelong Art Gallery has no relevant records]

Caltex Alva Award, La Trobe Valley Regional Gallery

Elenor Target Prize, Hawthorn City Art Gallery

‘Paces: Work by Painting Students, Prahran CAE’, Ewing Gallery, University of Melbourne, 25 Sept-13 Oct.1972 [check-list in Arkley files]