Zappo Head (1985?) [W/P]

Synthetic polymer paint on paper, c.75 x 55 (?)

Private collection, Melbourne

This work was dated 1987 in the Monash Arkley exhibition in 1991, and later in Spray (in each case with variant dimensions). However, an earlier date is clearly indicated by its appearance in an installation photo taken at Tolarno in 1986 (Arkley archive slide with process date Oct86), showing it hanging with Picasso Face (1985) [W/P] and the work catalogued here as Head of Science (1985) [W/P].

It also seems likely that this work is identical with the one shown as Zapped Head in HA Quentin, Perth, Feb.1985 (where Picasso Face and Head of Science were also first exhibited). See also Zappo Head [Visual Tension] 1985 [W/P], the graphic variant published in Feb.1985.


  • Unknown


  • (probably) HA Quentin, Perth, Feb.1985, cat.15 (‘Zapped Head’, priced at $700)
  • HA Monash 1991, cat.70: dated 1987, size given as 160 x 122


  • Spray 73 (ill.: as 1987, 160 x 122)