Untitled [A279] c.1973 [W/P]

Synthetic polymer paint on paper, 50.5 x 63.2

Private collection, Melbourne

A string of apparently disconnected words and phrases (‘This morning’ / ‘dark oil’ / ‘light’ / ‘intention’ / ‘rainbow’ etc.) is written against a mysterious, dark backdrop. The sheet is the same size as Spirits crying 1973 [W/P] and Untitled [A280] c.1973 [W/P].

This is one of several works that could be identified as Reading (1973?) [W/P], entered in the Caltex Drawing Biennial in 1973. It could also be of the 6 drawings Arkley exhibited at Hawthorn in 1973 (see exhibition details below).


  • artist’s collection (no.A279)


  • (possibly) Hawthorn City Gallery, 1973 (‘Four Painters’)