Inhaling (c.1973-4)

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, c.168 x 168?

Coll.: unknown

Unidentified painting entered in the Bunbury Art Prize, Western Australia, in 1974 (listed as the winner of the prize in McCulloch 1984: see also Duncan 1991 and Spray). According to HA Bio.1969-75, the work was 5½’ square (c.168 x 168).

It could be identical with another canvas from this period, e.g. Untitled [red/white frames] (1972). Also possibly identical with a work with this title entered in Wollongong Purchase Prize 1974 (also listed in HA Bio.1969-75).


  • {unknown}


  • Bunbury Art Prize, W.A., 1974 (check-list in Arkley’s files: priced at $200; no other details)


  • McCulloch 1984, vol.2, p.928 (listing this work as one of the winners of the Bunbury Art Prize for 1974)
  • Duncan 1991:32 (as Bunbury 1974 winner)
  • Spray 130 (also listed as Bunbury prize-winner)