Interior 1996 [W/P]

Synthetic polymer paint on paper, 160 x 121

Private collection, Sydney

Purchased from Tolarno in 1996, this monochrome work is closely related to two similarly-sized interiors dating from the previous year: Letter-box Home [interior] 1995 [W/P] and Room Within a Home (1995) [W/P]. Only minor variations in the details of the patterning of curtains and rug differentiate the three works.

The composition, derived from a page in Gold’s Instant Decorator, was first used by Arkley for the canvas A Roomfull (1994), later reappearing in a prominent section of Fabricated Rooms (1997-99).

NB new entry added Jan.2024 after receipt of new provenance information forwarded by Chris Deutscher.


  • Tolarno Galleries
  • Acquired from the above, May 1996