Conophytums (?) (1984?) [W/P]

Alternate title (?): Cactaceae-Horstii [1985?]
Synthetic polymer paint on paper, 53 x 64
Coll.: unknown

This work, recorded in an untitled slide in Arkley’s archive, with a Roslyn Oxley9 label, was auctioned by Sotheby’s in August 2000 as ‘Succulents 1986’. It is identified here, provisionally, as the work on paper shown as ‘Conophytums’ in Arkley’s ‘Cacti & Succulents’ show, Roslyn Oxley9, May 1984, although the size indicated for the cacti composition shown there is different.

It may also be identical with an unidentified work on paper recorded in Spray research notes c.1996 as ‘Cactaceae-Horstii’ (indicating a size of 56 x 76 and the date 1985); this possibility is strengthened by the fact that the composition of the present work is clearly similar to the canvas catalogued as Cactaceae-Horstii (?) 1989.


  • uncertain prior to 2000
  • auctioned by Sotheby’s, Sydney, 15-16 Aug.2000, lot 98 (ill.; as Succulents 1986 (?), 53 x 64; est.$10-15,000; sold for $14,000 plus buyer’s premium)


  • (possibly) HA Roslyn Oxley9, 5/84, cat.6 (Conophytums: 77 x 104): provisional ID via Arkley archive slide as noted above.