Zoo drawing no.3 1972 [W/P]

Oil crayon and synthetic polymer paint, 39.5 x 51.5 (sheet)
Signed, dated and titled, u.l. (above¬†image): ‘Zoo drawing 72. Howard Arkley,’ and numbered on verso of mount: ‘no.3’
Private collection, Melbourne

This finished drawing, preserved in Arkley’s studio collection with its original mount, was evidently one of the set of three shown with this title in 1972 (see exhibition details below).

For the other two drawings, yet to be identified, see Zoo drawings nos.1-2 (1972) [W/P].


  • artist’s collection (no.A152)


  • Hawthorn City Gallery 1972 (Elenor Target Prize) [acc.to HA Bio.1969-75 and Duncan 1991:16]