Untitled ['Five stripes'] (c.1975-6)

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 184 x 163

Private collection, Melbourne

This elegant painting was still in the artist’s collection at his death. Arkley’s archive slide has a process date of Jul79, but the work probably dates from the mid ’70s, and may be one of the unidentified pictures from his first two Tolarno shows. Planning notes for HA Monash 1991 (copy in the artist’s files) include a photo of the canvas oriented as shown here, describing it as ‘(Five Stripes) 1975’.

Plans to include it in the NGV 2006 retrospective had to be shelved because it proved to need cleaning. Untitled (c.1975-6) [W/P?] is closely similar, and may be a preparatory study.


  • artist’s collection
  • P/C Melb.


  • ? (see comment)