Untitled [W14] (c.1974-76) [W/P]

Synthetic polymer paint, ink and pencil on paper, 56.3 x 38 (sheet)
TarraWarra Museum of Art

Another drawing comprising short sprayed strokes, also exhibited in 1988, together with Untitled [W13 (i)] (c.1974-76) [W/P] and Untitled [W13 (ii)] (c.1974-76) [W/P], as part of Untitled [‘White Painting’]; and source material (1988 and earlier) [W/P].

The present drawing, preserved in the artist’s studio collection on a separate sheet of clear plastic, is comparable with several other ‘white’ drawings, notably Untitled [A144] (c.1984-76) [W/P].

= ‘White’ W/P cat.no.171


  • artist’s collection (no.W14)
  • private collection, Melbourne
  • TarraWarra Museum of Art, 2018


  • ‘HA: Casual Works’, Melbourne & Brisbane 1988: in ‘White Painting’ ensemble