Untitled [A131] (c.1974-76) [W/P]

Synthetic polymer paint, ink and pencil on paper, 38.5 x 56.5 (sheet)

Private collection, Melbourne

This interesting, finely-detailed work includes a cut-out rectangle in one corner – possibly intended to contain a collaged element. The orientation is uncertain; in the 2015-16 Arkley survey show at TarraWarra, it was displayed vertically, with the cut-out area at the top left, as shown here.

The TarraWarra exhibition also included what appears to be a source image for this work, a printed page with a reproduction of a 1962 image by US artist Robert Morris, altered with sprayed additions by Arkley: see Fitzpatrick & Lynn (2015), as cited below.

= ‘White’ W/P cat.no.169 [previous no.154]


  • artist’s collection (no.A131)


  • HA TarraWarra 12/15-2/16 (details as above)
  • Kalli Rolfe Contemporary Art, at Spring 1883, Windsor Hotel, Melbourne, 17-21 Aug.2016 ($10,000)


  • Fitzpatrick & Lynn, Howard Arkley and Friends (2015), pp.69 and 76 (reproducing the present work and the probable source image, from the collection of Elizabeth Gower: see comments above)