Visual Diary D 16 (1984)

A4 size book (a recycled 1981 ‘Pencraft’ diary), labelled on cover ‘Work on paper Jan.1984. Portrats’ {sic}

Arkley archive

Approx.25 pages of notes and sketches, notably:

  • several pages of notes at the start of the book for the ‘Portrait of the Artist & Five Friends’ project (1984 and later) [3/M]: see catalogue entry and discussion in Carnival 172ff. (reproducing a series of related photographs from Arkley’s archive)
  • extended notes for a ‘Fashion Show’ planned for 1984: see now comments under ‘Minor works on paper’ for 1984; Carnival 136-7 and Fig.4.47 (a typical page from this diary); and in particular Gregory 2008, including further analysis and reproductions of other pages from this diary