Strange Fruit B/W (1994) [W/P]

Synthetic polymer paint on paper, 76 x 56

Coll.: unknown

Unidentified work with this title shown at the Bellas Gallery in May-June 1994; presumably identical with the work on paper shown as ‘Strange Fruit’ at both the Dick Bett Gallery, 8/94, and the 12th Biennial of Drawing, Mornington, Nov.1995-Jan.1996 (no photos).

Presumably similar to Strange Fruit (1987).


  • Listed in Arkley’s 1993-6 stock-book under 1994 (as ‘Strange Fruit B/W’)


  • HA Bellas 5/94 (list by Alison Burton)
  • Dick Bett Gallery Hobart, 8/94 (’Beyond the Surface’), cat.14 (‘Strange Fruit’, 76 x 56; priced at $1100)
  • Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery 11/95-1/96 (12th Biennial Festival of Drawing), (‘Strange Fruit’; no date given; priced at $1800)