Sketchbook no. 31 (1996-98)

Wide-format sketchbook with black cover; dated 1996-1998 (inside)

188 pages, 14.8 x 21

State Library of Victoria: Howard Arkley collection, MS 14217, series 2, no.31 [F BOX 4259]

Contents: extensive sequence of drawings, mostly in black fibre-tipped pen, including:

  • 1st page: 3 cacti (inscribed ‘30th’)
  • 2nd page: another cactus, signed and dated ‘HA 31 July 96’
  • more cacti, annotated ‘Bad Day’
  • stylized crocodile (titled)
  • drawing titled ‘Father’ (in pencil) and also inscribed in pen: ’12th’ (reproduced opposite)
  • drawing titled ‘Mother / Gren’ (etc.)
  • drawing in black, grey and silver fibre-tipped pen titled ‘Jazz Sax’ (reproduced in Carnival Fig.4.14)
  • drawing titled ‘Black jazz player’
  • cactoid drawing labelled ‘Christ / very bad shit day’
  • cactoid form in black and silver fibre-tipped pen, titled ‘Tonal’, s+d ‘HA.96’ (related to ‘Jazz Sax’ sketch)
  • head & cactus, signed and dated ‘HA.97’
  • stylized box on legs, signed and dated ‘HA.98’
  • stylized female nude, signed and dated ‘HA 98’
  • quasi-aboriginal composition, signed and dated ‘H.Arkley 97’