Sketchbook no. 29 (1990s)

Note-block with multi-coloured pages (1990s)

60 pages, 15 x 10

State Library of Victoria: Howard Arkley collection, MS 14217, series 2, no.29 [F BOX 4259]

Contents: numerous sketches, mostly in blue pen, for furniture and other installations; clearly connected with HA’s ‘Sampling’ exh.: see now ‘Howard Arkley: Fabricated Rooms 1997 and Sampling 1998′, Tolarno, Nov.-Dec.1998.

Some pages are annotated with source refs. to Alchimia, Scott Burton, a book on Minimal Art, etc.

NB also page near start with scheme for a ‘Po[rt]able Cross’ to be made with John Nixon: cf. Abstract Painting in Dark Blue and Ochre (1991-3).