Sketchbook no. 7 (early 1970s, and later?)

‘Olympic’ school project scrapbook with blue/black cover (early 1970s, and later?)

89 unruled pages, 34.7 x 24.5

State Library of Victoria: Howard Arkley collection, MS 14217, series 2, no.7 [F BOX 4256]

Contents: this book contains a good series of full-page drawings, many again based on Arkley’s early favourite ‘critter’ theme (several with red fibre-tipped pen titles, possibly added later?). There are also some loose pages inserted at the start of the book (from another sketchbook?).

Notable pages include:

  • standing figure titled ‘me’ (page reproduced at head of general entry on Arkley’s Sketchbooks; also reproduced in Fitzpatrick & Lynn 2015, p.78, but listed as from Sketchbook no.2)
  • creature titled ‘walking stick’
  • figure titled ‘medical trouble’ (reproduced here)
  • critter-form titled ‘table with long legs’
  • coloured drawing titled ‘King Male Head’
  • page filled with small creatures
  • large creatures in Chinese-brush style
  • page of mannequins titled ‘puppets for play (ice machines)’
  • landscape (signed and dated ‘Howard Arkley 71’)