Light and Bright (1994)

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 203, x 153
Coll.: unknown

This painting, reproduced on the invitation for the 1994 ‘Pointillist Suburb’ show, is based on the same real estate source as A Splendid Superior Home (1989) and Stucco Home (1991).

A version of this composition was also incorporated into the planning for the abortive collaborative project between Arkley and Peter Tyndall in 1994-5 (see general comments for 1994).


  • Sold at ACAF4 1994? (listed in HA’s 1993-6 stock-book under Tolarno 1994 as ‘sold before show’)


  • Australian Contemporary Art Fair no.4 (ACAF4), Melbourne Exhibition Buildings, 29 Sept.-2 Oct.1994 (Tolarno stand)
  • Tolarno 11/94 (‘Pointillist Suburb series’), cat.3 (listed as ‘not for sale’)
  • HA Venice (‘Home Show’)


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