Icon Head (1994)

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 160 x 120
{no longer extant in this form}

This painting was first exhibited in the form reproduced here in Brisbane and Hobart in 1994, first as ‘Icon Impersonation’ and then as ‘Icon Head’: see exhibition details below. The photo reproduces a slide in the artist’s archive.

Later, the canvas was incorporated, with substantial additions by Juan Davila, into Icon Interior (1994-2001) [3/M], the second major collaborative installation between the two artists.


  • Bellas Gallery, Brisbane
  • Artist’s collection


  • HA Bellas, Brisbane, 5/94 (‘White and Black Paintings and works on paper’), cat.no.4: as ‘Icon Impersonation’ (also recorded under that title in Arkley’s 1993-6 stock-book)
  • Dick Bett Gallery, Hobart, 8/94, cat.12: as ‘Icon Head’ (priced at $4,750)
  • See under Icon Interior (1994-2001) [3/M]