Second Psychedelic Head 1992

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 175 x 135
signed and dated [on reverse]
Coll.: unknown

Arkley’s modified comic-book source image for this work is preserved – together with the source for Computer Head 1990 – in his studio collection: for a reproduction, see Visual Diary D 41 (1995).

This painting does not appear to have been exhibited until 2002, but is documented by a Polaroid photograph in Arkley’s archive (labelled with title and date). Mask for Baudelaire (1994) [W/P] is a work-on-paper variant.


  • P/C (purchased in March 2000, Sotheby’s 2006)
  • At Metro 5, Feb.2002  (see exh.)
  • Auctioned by Sotheby’s, Melb., 21 Nov.2006, lot 37 (ill.: details as noted above; est.$60-90,000 – sold?)


  • HA Metro 5, Melb., 2/02, no.12 (priced at $135,000)