Recommended Rooms Tableau (1993) [3/M]

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas and wood, {size unknown}
Coll.: unknown

A reprise of Logitex (table and chair tableau) (1980-84) [3/M] and Muzak Mural – Chair Tableau (1980-81) [3/M], in the bright colour scheme typical of Arkley’s 1993 ‘Recommended Rooms’ exhibition.

A detailed set of installation instructions is held in Arkley’s archive (with the exhibition check-list).


  • Listed in HA’s 1993-6 stock-book as at Bellas 1993, and then (June 1995) as sent to Tolarno by Bellas (for sale?)


  • HA Bellas, Brisbane, 5/93, cat.8 (priced at $9,000)