Interior Tableau 1992

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 173 x 135
signed, dated and titled
Private collection, Melbourne

This characteristic work from the ‘Mix’n Match’ show sets up a pictorial debate between the extensive areas of flat patterning, and cues for depth and illusionism (e.g. the gas fire, or the pot at the left). The source (modified) is one of the lounge-room pages from Gold’s Instant Decorator.


  • Recorded in a Melb. P/C (Spray research card 1996)


  • HA Tolarno 10/92 (‘Mix’n Match’), cat.6 (details as above)
  • HA Tolarno 11/97 (‘Spray’ exh.)


  • Gregory 1992 (, unpaginated; ill.)
  • Goodman et al. 1993 (ill.)
  • Ferber 1994 (reproduced on the cover)