Shadow Factories (1990) [Lyon]

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 168.5 x 241
Corbett Lyon and Yueji Lyon Collection of Contemporary Australian Art, Melbourne

One of several factory canvases inspired by Peter Carey’s short story of the same name, with its descriptions of the multi-coloured clouds of smoke emanating from factories (see now Spray 96-97 and Carnival 42, for quotes and discussion).

In his comments on this painting for the 2006 Arkley retrospective audio-guide, Ashley Crawford emphasised its ambivalent tone. This version is similar to Shadow Factories 1990 [Spray], but slightly smaller, and in this case the artist did not include a crane at the left.


  • Purchased via Tolarno (1992?)


  • Melbourne Art Fair 3, Oct.1992 (installation photos in A)
  • HA retrospective 2006-7 (all 3 venues)


  • Carnival 96-7 and Fig.1.25
  • NGVA Arkley audio-guide 2006 (comments by Ray Edgar and Ashley Crawford)