Home Enclosed by Fence 1995 [W/P]

Synthetic polymer paint on paper, 160 x 121

signed, dated and titled [on reverse]

Coll.: unknown

This work-on-paper variant of Brand New (1994) was exhibited in March 1999 at Gould Galleries. It is probably identical with a work on paper shown at the Bellas Gallery in May-June 1994 (and recorded in Arkley’s stock-book for 1994) as ‘Brand New Villa’), and also with a work on paper listed in the artist’s stock-book under 1995, with the present details.


  • (probably) work listed in HA stock=book 1993-6 under 1994 (as ‘Brand New Villa’)
  • listed in HA stock-book 1993-6 under 1995 (as ‘Home Enclosed by Fence’)
  • P/C Melb. (acc.to Gould 3/99)


  • (?) (probably) HA Bellas 5/94 (work shown as ‘Brand New Villa’ – see list by Alison Burton)
  • Gould Galleries, Melb., 3/99 (group show), cat.38: details as above; ill.