Freeway (Exit) 1995

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 203 x 153

signed, dated and titled [on reverse, under backing: ‘Freeway (Exit)’; alternative title ‘Freeway Overpass’ apparently also inscribed on backing board – Sotheby’s, 2005]

Coll.: unknown

This work, probably exhibited by Bellas in 1996 (as ‘Freeway’), appeared in the Arkley show at Metro 5 in 2/02 (as ‘Freeway Over Pass 1996’), and was subsequently auctioned by both Sotheby’s and Joel’s, with the title and date listed above.

This is the earliest of several vertical-format works based on the central section of the composition used for A Freeway Painting (Over Pass) (1994).


  • listed in HA’s 1993-6 stock-book as with Bellas 12/95 (as ‘Freeway Exit’)
  • at Metro 5, 2002 (see exh. details below)
  • auctioned by Sotheby’s, Melb., 19 Sep.2005, lot 57 (ill.; dets. as above; est.$120-160,000; sold?)
  • auctioned by Leonard Joel, Melb., 30 Oct.2007, lot 47 (ill., title and date as above; size given as 200 x 150; est.$180-220,000; sold for $189,090, inc. buyer’s premium)


  • (probably) HA Bellas, 3/96, cat.4 (as ‘Freeway’, 200 x 150; priced at $10,000)
  • HA Metro 5, Melb., 2/02, cat.2 (as ‘Freeway Over Pass 1996’; ill.; priced at $240,000)