Flash Villa 1995

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 205 x 153

signed, dated and titled [on reverse]

Private collection, Melbourne

A simplified variant of Actual Fractual (1994), using cross-hatched patterning, a pastel palette and grey line-work. This work is recorded in Arkley’s stock-book (under 1995).


  • listed in Arkley’s 1993-6 stock-book as at Tolarno and sold (Oct.1995)
  • with Metro 5, 2001-2
  • recorded in its present collection in NGVA Arkley retrospective planning files 2006


  • Metro 5, Melb., 3/01 (opening exh.), cat.20 (ill.; dets. as above; priced at $166,500)
  • HA Metro 5, Melb., 2/02, cat.5 ($210,000)