Pittoresque (?) (1996) [W/P]

Synthetic polymer paint on paper, c.76 x 55

Coll.: unknown

The file photo reproduced here is included with photos showing other works included in HA Bellas 3/96, but without any indication of title. It was presumably shown there under the present title (cat.14). In the NGV planning files for the 2006 Arkley retrospective, a photo of the present work (also untitled) was noted as still with Bellas.

A list of titles in Arkley’s files, evidently reflecting planning for the Bellas show (the list is headed “Works on paper / Exhibition March 1996” and the works are described as coloured, and 77 x 56 cm in size), includes the name ‘Toby Jug Head,’ possibly a working title for this particular example.


  • with Bellas c.2006? (see notes above)


  • HA Bellas 3/96, cat.14 (76 x 55; $2,000)