Untitled [‘Wallpaper Palette’] 1998

Synthetic polymer paint on wooden palette, 29 x 39.5

signed and dated [l.l., in black fibre-tipped pen: ‘Howard ARkley. 98.’]

Coll.: unknown

This unusual work (auctioned in August 2000) seems inherently plausible, despite the lack of provenance details prior to the artist’s death. The stencilled lace patterning closely parallels other works dating from Arkley’s last few years: amongst various examples, see in particular Sampler: Formal (1998), and the right-hand chair in Homezone (1999) [3/M].


  • Auctioned by Leonard Joel, Melb., 8 Aug.2000, lot 12 (ill. and details as included here, although the inscribed date is mis-transcribed as ’89; no provenance indicated; est.$10-15,000; not sold)