Untitled [‘Head’] 1988 [W/P]

Synthetic polymer paint on paper, 76 x 55.5

Signed and dated [l.r.: ‘Howard Arkley.88.’]

Private collection, Melbourne

First shown in 1990, at Deutscher Brunswick Street, in an exhibition of works by ‘Artists Against Animal Experimentation’, where its mutant features probably struck a particular chord. This is an interestingly transitional work, blending the style of the anthropomorphic cacti of the mid 80s with elements more typical of the developed mask/head compositions of 1990 and later.


  • Deutscher Brunswick Street, Melb.
  • Then to P/C Melb.
  • Auctioned by Bonhams & Goodman, Melb., 23 April 2008, lot 83 (as ‘Head’; ill.and details as here; sold)
  • Listed as with Art Nomad, Melb., under the title ‘Dog’ (ill., details as listed here): see see http://artnomad.com.au/artists (accessed 31 May 2012)
  • P/C Melb. (acc.to Menzies 12/15)
  • Auctioned by Menzies, Sydney, 10 Dec.2015, lot 80, as ‘Untitled (Head)’ (ill., details as noted prov.as noted here; as via P/C Melb.; est.$16-18,000; not sold)


  • ‘Artists Against Animal Experimentation’, Deutscher Brunswick Street, Fitzroy,Sept.1990, no.4 (according to Bonhams 2008)