Suburban Domestic (1997) [W/P]

Synthetic polymer paint on paper, c.160 x 121

Coll.: unknown

This work, which won the Kedumba Drawing prize in 1997 (see press reviews/reports by Auty, Cochrane, McDonald and Watson: refer Bibliography for details), is dated 1997 in the Kedumba catalogue (Sayers 1997). However, it is closest in style and technique to a number of 1995 works on paper, especially Suburban Exterior (1995) [W/P] – a monochrome variant of Cosy Clinker (1994) – which the present work replicates almost exactly (the background tree being the most obvious point of difference).


  • Kedumba Award 1997 (see exh.details below)


  • Kedumba Drawing Award, N.S.W., 1997


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