A Splendid Superior Home (1989)

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 174.5 x 254

Signed, dated and titled [on reverse: ‘Howard Arkley 89 / HOWARD ARKLEY / “A SPLENDID SUPERIOR HOME” / 1989’: according to Deutscher & Hackett 8/07]

Coll.: unknown

A reproduction preserved in Arkley’s files (apparently clipped from an interior designer magazine, showing the work in a domestic setting) helps to verify the existence of this work prior to 1999. It may also be identical with a painting listed as ‘Big House’ (1989), sold via Niagara Galleries in May 1989 (Arkley archive: details below), although this could refer equally to Corner House with Hedge 1989.

The real estate source for this painting, also in Arkley’s archive, is reproduced in Gregory 2007: 222 (where the present work is noted, prior to its appearance in the Deutscher & Hackett auction in August 2007). The composition was used again (modified) for Stucco Home (1991) and Light and Bright (1994).


  • (possibly) work listed as ‘Big House’ (1989), sold via Niagara Galleries in May 1989 for $9,000 less 33.3% (book of sales in artist’s archive)
  • Auctioned by Deutscher & Hackett, Melb., Aug. 2007 (ill.; details as above; noting a Tolarno provenance; est.$280-320,000; sold for $324,000 inc.buyer’s premium)