Supa Interior (1999)

Alternate title: Deluxe Space
Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 175 x 135
Buxton Collection, Melbourne

First shown in Arkley’s 1999 Los Angeles exhibition as ‘Deluxe Space’, this painting later appeared in the Buxton Collection show at Heide (2001) as ‘Supa Interior’.

The composition, derived from one of the lounge room templates in Gold’s Instant Decorator, was first used for Plain and Fancy (1993) and one of the panels from Fabricated Rooms (1997-99).


  • P/C USA
  • P/C Melb.


  • HA Lovegrove LA, 7/99: as ‘Deluxe Space’
  • HA Gould 2/00, cat.12
  • Heide 11/01 (Buxton Coll. exh.): as ‘Supa Interior’ – see comments


  • Muchnic 1999 (Art News review of Lovegrove exh.): ill. as ‘Deluxe Space’
  • Crawford 2001 (Buxton coll., 13, ill. as ‘Supa Interior’; described as ‘oil on canvas’