Riteroom (1998)

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 203 x 200

Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

First exhibited in the 1998 Sydney Biennale, this work is a sophisticated late study in spatial and optical paradox, based on one of the lounge-room templates in Gold’s Instant Decorator. For a detailed analysis, see Carnival 32.

This work was one of five paintings subsequently released in limited edition reproduction prints by Kalli Rolfe Contemporary Art: for details, see 2011.


  • gift of the Art Gallery of South Australia Foundation, 1999


  • Sydney Biennale 18 Sept.-8 Nov.1998
  • HA Tolarno 11/98 (‘Sampling’), cat.2 (as coll. AGSA)
  • HA retrospective 2006-7 (shown in Melbourne only)


  • Australian Art Collector #7 (Jan.-March 1999), p.28 (incorrectly titled ‘Roomrite’)
  • Spray (rev.edn., 2001), p.138 (ill.)
  • Carnival 32 and Fig.1.21