Curlicue Console 1998 [3/M]

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas & wood, 30.5 x 100 x 21.5 (bracket), each canvas 30.5 x 23 (including ‘spare’ 4th canvas)

Signed, dated  and titled [s+d verso of each panel: ‘Howard Arkley 98’; titled on bracket]

Collection unknown (last auctioned Aug.2017)

First exhibited in ‘Sampling’ (HA Tolarno 11/98), as reproduced here, via archive slide. Shown at the John Buckley Gallery in 2008-9 with 4th (‘spare’) canvas alongside the 3 originally exhibited at Tolarno.

In May 2014, the work was sold at the Mossgreen auction of John Buckley’s collection, and subsequently listed on the Art Nomad website, with all four canvases shown side by side on the console (thanks to Peter Anderson for forwarding details and photos, July 2014).

By August 2017, however, when the group was sold at the Menzies auction in Melbourne, only 3 canvases were listed. Unfortunately, then, the ‘spare’ canvas documented as previously having formed part of the group appears to have been separated from the ensemble at some stage between 2014 and 2017, thus disturbing the original ‘Sampling’ exhibition concept of interchangeable works to be displayed as in a furniture showroom (see now discussion in Spray, rev.edn., 2001, pp.133-39 and Carnival pp.78-79).

Information on the whereabouts of the 4th canvas, featuring a decorative pattern stencilled in yellow, brown and purple (reproduction previously available on the Art Nomad website), would be appreciated through the Arkley Works feedback address.


  • Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne
  • Coll.John Buckley, Melbourne
  • auctioned by Mossgreen, Melb., 13 May 2014 [John Buckley Collection auction], lot 19: ill., est.$20-30,000; sold for $13,420
  • subsequently with Art Nomad, Brighton (Melbourne): details as shown above, and reproductions including all 4 canvases, previously available on the Art Nomad website: (accessed Nov.2014)
  • auctioned by Menzies, Melbourne, 10 Aug.2017, lot 57 (ill., details as above, but describing the work as comprising a shelf and 3 canvases, each 23 x 31 cm; est.$30-40,000; sold for $39,272 inc.buyer’s premium)


  • HA Tolarno 11/98 (‘Sampling’, cat.12: details as above)
  • John Buckley Gallery, Melb., 12/08 – 2/09 (‘Neo Pop’): as 1997; size given as 30 x 101 x 22