Paisley; and source material (1988 and earlier) [W/P]

Synthetic polymer paint on 2 sheets of paper, c.172 x 122; some source material extant

Coll.: unknown (work on paper); Arkley archive (source material components)

The title ‘Paisley’ is indicated in Richard Brown’s ‘Casual Works’ catalogue essay (1988), and the exhibition review by Juliana Engberg. Richard Stringer’s IMA installation photographs are the only apparent documentation.

The present whereabouts of the main work on paper are unknown, and the source material does not appear to have been preserved intact. However, several smaller Paisley-patterned works on paper from Arkley’s studio collection (reproduced here), two of them dated 1978, formed part of the source material: these included the drawing used as the background for Paper Construction (1978) [W/P], state no.3.


  • Artist’s collection


  • HA ‘Casual Works’, 200 Gertrude Street and IMA Brisbane1988


  • Brown & Trioli 1988 (‘Casual Works’
  • Engberg, ‘Circumstantial Evidence’ (1988) (