House with Hedge 1999

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 100 x 80
Signed, dated & titled (on verso)
Private collection

Until recently, the sole known source for this work, a variant of Hedge on Street Corner 1988, was a mediocre photograph found in Arkley’s studio archive after his death, labelled ‘House with Hedge,’ and apparently dating from 1999. Accordingly, while the photograph in itself secures the work as autograph, it was previously listed in this catalogue simply as House with Hedge (1999?), with doubt expressed about whether the work was on canvas or paper, and the suggestion that it looked rather cursorily executed.

However, in May 2015, details and better photographs were forwarded to Arkley Works, clarifying the work’s date, size, medium and quality, and providing firmer indications of its history. This relatively small canvas is the same size as Colour Field Home 1999 and Home with Brown Bush 1999, both also known only through archive photos until further information clarified their history.


  • Private collection