Untitled [‘Tudor House, Fitzroy Gardens’] 1987 [W/P]

Synthetic polymer paint on two sheets of paper on canvas, 169 x 118

signed and dated [lower left: ‘Howard Arkley 87’]

Coll.: unknown [last auctioned Sept.2015]

This work, probably identical with one shown by Robert Gould in Aug.-Sept.2001 (see exh.details below), was first documented with certainty at auction in June 2002, noting that it had previously belonged to critic and Arkley biographer Ashley Crawford. It has been auctioned again several times since. The composition is clearly related to Arkley’s other ‘Tudor’ works: see now Model Tudor Village, Fitzroy Gardens 1986, and English Style (1987) (of which this is a monochrome variant).

The title under which the present work has been auctioned since 2002 (‘Tudor House, Fitzroy Gardens’) does not appear to be original. It could be identical with the work on paper shown in Hamilton in 1988 as ‘House’: see now comments on Face (1988) [W/P].


  • Coll.Ashley Crawford, Melb.
  • P/C Melb., 2000-2002 (acc.to Christie’s 6/02)
  • Auctioned by Christie’s, Melb., 25 June 2002, lot 170: (ill., details as above; est. $40-50,000; not sold)
  • Auctioned by Lawson-Menzies, Sydney, 19 June 2008, lot 247 (ill., details as above; est.$38-45,000; sold for $40,800 including buyer’s premium)
  • Auctioned by Lawson-Menzies, Sydney, 16 Nov.2010, lot 34 (same details; set.$45-55,000; sold for $48,000 inc.buyer’s premium)
  • Corporate collection, Melbourne (acc.to Lawson-Menzies 8/11)
  • Auctioned by Lawson-Menzies, Sydney, 4 Aug.2011 (ill., details as above; est.$35-45,000; sold for $40,800 inc.buyer’s premium)
  • Auctioned again by Lawson-Menzies, Sydney, 13 Feb.2013, lot 51 (ill.& details as above; esp.$35-45,00-; not sold?)
  • Auctioned  by Menzies, Melb., 24 sept.2015, lot 68 (ill.& details once more as listed above; est.$30-40,000; sold for $29,455 inc.buyer’s premium)


  • HA Gould 8/01, cat.23 (presumably this work: as Tudor House 1987)