Contemporary Units (1988)

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 159 x 242
Private collection, Melbourne

In her review of Arkley’s Tolarno 1988 show for Agenda magazine, Juliana Engberg commented specifically on the typical A.V.Jennings (‘spec builder’) style of this house, by contrast with the older, more traditional suburban houses depicted in other works in the exhibition.

Arkley’s files contain a transparency showing the work in progress, and a slide labelled ‘Mod House’ (an alternative title?). This large painting has not been mentioned again since 1988.


  • Arkley’s list of sales for 1988 records the original buyer and price of $8,500


  • HA Tolarno 8/88, cat.8 (details as above)


  • Engberg, ‘On the street where you live’, 1988 (, as cited above)