Stapelia-Peduncle 1985 [W/P]

Alternate title: Neocummgii
Synthetic polymer paint on paper, 53.0 x 73.0
Signed and dated in pencil l.l. (‘Howard Arkley 85’); also signed, dated and titled verso (‘Name Howard Arkley / Date 1985’)
Private collection, Melbourne

This lively work has a particularly complicated history. In style and format, it clearly belongs to the series of ‘Cacti & Succulents’ shown at Roslyn Oxley9, May 1984, where it was exhibited as ‘Neocummgii’ (cat.4), and later reproduced with that title and date in Spray (with variant dimensions). But when the drawing re-surfaced at Sotheby’s in 2000, the title and date were given as Stapelia-Peduncle 1986 (as indicated in an inscription attached to the back of the mount, in Arkley’s hand-writing). Accordingly, it was listed with those details in the original edition of the present catalogue.

In 2023, however, further investigation unearthed a verso inscription with the date 1985, and closer examination of the inscription at lower left suggested that the date shown there is also 1985 (many thanks to Asta Cameron, Menzies Art Brands).


  • Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne (handwritten label verso)
  • Private collection, Queensland
  • Auctioned by Sotheby’s, Melb., 2-3 May 2000, lot 105 (ill.; as Stapelia-Peduncle 1986, s+d l.l., 53 x 72): est.$6-9,000; sold for $17,250 inc.B/P
  • Offered for sale via LookArt website (accessed 19/3/02: as Stapelia-Peduncle 1986, 52.5 x 72.8)
  • Auctioned by Leonard Joel, Melb., 6 Sept.2016, lot 198 (ill.; as The Stapelia Peduncle (aka Neocummgii) 1986, 53 x 72 cm, signed lower left; 53 x 72; noting 1st exh.Roslyn Oxley9 5/84 as ‘Neocummgii’: est.$16-24,000; sold for $17,360 inc. B/P
  • Private collection, Melbourne
  • Auctioned by Menzies, Sydney, 29 Nov.2023, lot 89: ill., details as above; est.$20-30,000; sold for $24, 545 inc.B/P
  • Private collection, Melbourne (purchased from the above)


  • HA Roslyn Oxley9, 5/84, cat.4 (as Neocummgii, 77 x 107)


  • Spray 72 (ill. as ‘Neocummgii’, 1984; 120 x 160)