'Howard Arkley: Recent Paintings', Tolarno, Sept.-Oct.1986 

‘Howard Arkley: Recent Paintings’, Tolarno Galleries, 98 River Street, South Yarra, 20 Sept.-8 Oct. 1986

In this show, Arkley blended psychedelic and suburban themes in a heady mix, announced on the invitation by a reproduction of Fast (reproduced above, under general comments for 1986). The artist’s files contain a complete set of slides, installation photos and check-list, allowing for accurate identifications of all works shown.

A set of notes in Arkley’s 1986 files lists buyers for most of the works (only nos.5, 7, 9 and 10 appear to have remained unsold at the time).

Reviewers were also impressed: Robert Rooney, writing in the Australian, judged Arkley’s show ‘his strongest yet and more dazzling than his 1983 exhibition’; and Gary Catalano, in his review in the Melbourne Age, headlined ‘Exhibition proves a pleasure’, also heaped praise on the show, admiring its frank emphasis on everyday artifice (see bibliography for details).

(photo: installation shot showing, from left, cat. nos. 6, 7, 11 and 8 [source: Polaroid in Arkley archive])

1.    Nubrick (1986)

2.    Discocacti 1986

3.    Totems-Epiphyllum-Hybrid 1986

4.    Fast 1986

5.    Notocactis (1986)

6.    Tulips and Spotted Vase (1986)

7.    Our Home (1986)

8.    Highrise St Kilda Road 1986

9.    The Ritual 1986

10.  Tudor Village (1986): 1st exh.at George Paton Gallery, 6/86 as Tudor Village (Coloured)

11.   Speeding (1986)