Untitled room installation (ACCA mural) (1984) [3/M]

Synthetic polymer paint on paper, dimensions unknown

{no longer extant?}

This work-on-paper mural, deploying cactoid and other ‘doodled’ imagery drawn from Arkley’s imaginative stock, formed part of a temporary installation at the soon-to-be-developed premises of the first incarnation of ACCA near Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens. The other rooms were decorated by Juan Davila and David Larwill.

Arkley’s room developed on his earlier experiments in mural decoration in both Wall Painting (Muzak Mural) (1981) [3/M] and Primitive [mural] (1981) [W/P]. For further comments on this work, see references listed below.


  • installed at ACCA, Melbourne, 1984
  • subsequent history unknown


  • ‘Three Rooms, Three Artists’, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, 5/84


  • Clarke 1984
  • Cramer 1984
  • Duncan 1991: 24 (inc. installation photo as shown here)
  • Spray 70-71 (with further installation photos)