Untitled [Hobart] 1984 [W/P]

Synthetic polymer paint on paper, 152 x 112.5

Coll.: unknown

This was one of the three Arkley works on paper included in the Hobart group show ‘6 Drawing’ in 1985 (reproduced in the catalogue; see also installation slides in Arkley’s archive); the other two were Untitled [Lanced Lace] 1983 [W/P] and Felony (1983) [W/P]. This particular work reprises Untitled (1982) [W/P].

Arkley’s archive slide carries a Roslyn Oxley9 label, suggesting that it may also have been shown there in May 1984, under a different title; possibly identical with the unidentified work Razz-Dazz (1984) [W/P].


  • unknown


  • (possibly) Roslyn Oxley9, 5/84, cat.8 (Razz-Dazz)
  • ‘6 Drawing’, Tasmanian School of Art, Hobart, 9/85, cat.2 (details as above)


  • Neeson 1985 (‘6 Drawing’ exh.cat.), p.5 (ill.)