Head of Science (1985?) [W/P]

Synthetic polymer paint on paper, c.75 x 55

Coll.: unknown

The work shown here (in unfortunately indistinct form) is reproduced from a Tolarno installation slide in Arkley’s archive (process date Oct86), showing it hanging with Picasso Face (1985) [W/P] and Zappo Head (1985?) [W/P].

It is identified here, provisionally, as the work shown under the title ‘Head of Science’ in HA Quentin 2/85, where Picasso Face and Zappo Head also seem to have been exhibited for the first time.


  • Unknown


  • (probably) HA Quentin, Perth, 2/85, cat.no.14 (titled as above; priced at $700)
  • ? unidentified exh. at Tolarno 1986 (slide with process date Oct.86, as reproduced here)