Spot the Difference (Fast) 1983

Alternate titles: Romantic (Spot the Difference) and Spot the Difference (A)
Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, 160 x 200 (?)
Signed, dated and titled [on reverse: as ‘Spot the Difference’ – according to Sotheby’s 5/03]
Coll: unknown

Entered in the McCaughey Prize, February 1983, as Romantic (Spot the Difference) (identified via a slide taken for the Monash Visual Arts library), this painting was then exhibited as Spot the Difference (A) in HA Roslyn Oxley9, 6/83.

In each case, it appeared with its red/yellow ‘twin’, Spot the Difference) (Slow) 1983: for further comments, see the entry on that painting.


  • P/C Sydney ( Sotheby’s)
  • auctioned by Sotheby’s, Melb., 5 May 2003, lot 152 (ill.; details as above)


  • McCaughey Prize, NGV, 2/83, cat.4: as Romantic (Spot the Difference)
  • HA Roslyn Oxley9, 6/83, cat.1: as Spot the Difference (A)
  • (probably) HA Quentin, Perth, 2/85, cat.9 (Spot the Difference – Fast; identified in Arkley’s exhibition notes as ‘green’)


  • Spray 60: ill. as Spot the Difference (Fast) (dimensions given as 210 x 150)