Design (in 2 sections) for a Tapestry 1983 [W/P]

Synthetic polymer paint and collage on paper, 122 x 91.5

Signed, dated and titled [on reverse]

Coll.: unknown

First documented in the 1992 Christie’s auction of works from Georges Mora’s estate, and later auctioned again, soon after Arkley’s death.

This piece and the smaller, unidentified work also included in the 1992 auction – see Design for Tapestry (c.1983?) [W/P]) – obviously indicate a tapestry project, apparently not pursued. This work employs the typical cross-hatched patterning first used by Arkley around 1980-81, e.g. in Lattice and Grids 1981.


  • Coll.Georges Mora
  • auctioned by Christie’s, Melb., 24 Nov.1992 (Mora Estate sale), lot 81 (ill.; details as above; est.$1,500-2,000; sold?)
  • auctioned by Christie’s, Melb., 23-24 Nov.1999, lot 136, as ‘Design for a Tapestry’ (ill.and dets. as above; est.$10-15,000; sold for $8,500 plus buyer’s premium)