Design for Tapestry (c.1983?) [W/P?]

Synthetic polymer paint and collage (on paper?), 86 x 62

Coll.: unknown

Unidentified; not illustrated in the catalogue of the 1992 Christie’s auction of works from Georges Mora’s estate (the sole source). The dating suggested here is speculative, and based on the apparent relation of this work to Design (in 2 sections) for a Tapestry 1983 [W/P?], also from Georges Mora’s personal collection.


  • Coll.Georges Mora
  • auctioned by Christie’s, Melb.,  24 Nov.1992 (Mora Estate sale), lot 22 (not illustrated; as ‘Design for Tapesty’ {sic: presumably a mis-print}; noted as acrylic and collage, undated)