Agave Parviflora 1985

Alternate titles: AmphetaminePeel of the Orange
Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, c.160 x 121
signed, dated and titled [on reverse, HA Monash 1991]
Private collection, Melbourne

Despite the inscribed date and title, the documentary evidence indicates that this painting was first exhibited in 1983 at Arkley’s solo shows at Roslyn Oxley9 in June-July (as ‘Amphetamine’) and Tolarno in October (as ‘Peel of the Orange’). Subsequently, it formed part of an untitled triptych shown in Ballarat in 1986.

From 1987 onwards, it was exhibited and reproduced with the title and date inscribed on the verso: see exhibition and publication details listed below.

Reflecting this complicated history, the former Visual Arts slide library at Monash University included slides of this work under both 1983 (taken at the Tolarno exhibition) and 1985 (taken at the Monash survey in 1991).


  • artist’s collection (ref. Engberg 1987)
  • P/C Melb. (acc. to HA Monash 1991)


  • HA Roslyn Oxley9, 6/83, cat.7 (as ‘Amphetamine’; photo on current Roslyn Oxley9 website, under 1983)
  • HA Tolarno 10/83, (as ‘Peel of the Orange’; archive slides)
  • Hugh Williamson Prize, Ballaarat Fine Art Gallery, 1986: as part of ‘Untitled Triptych’ 1986 (3 canvases, each 121 x 160 cm; this canvas reproduced in exhibition catalogue)
  • HA Anima Gallery, Adelaide, 10/87, cat.1
  • HA Bellas, Brisbane, 6/89, (as ‘Agave-Parviflora 1985’, 1200 x 1600 mm; $5,500)
  • HA Monash 1991, cat.55 (details as above)


  • Engberg 1987: 386 (ill.)
  • Spray 86 (ill. upside down; size given incorrectly as 160 x 200)