1981 works on paper (minor)

Several working drawings related to the ‘Red Wedge’ carpet are extant in Arkley’s studio collection (one of them reproduced in a slide in the artist’s archive, with process date Mar81: see now A146 [State Library of Victoria, Howard Arkley Archive]); it is unclear whether any of these sketches was also exhibited at Tolarno 7/81 (cat.11), along with the rug and Red Wedge [#1] 1981 [W/P].

Other minor works on paper probably dating from 1981 include several sketches in A of cacti etc., apparently related to Primitive (a typical example is reproduced here), and two sketches on sheets of newspaper dated 1981 (one, showing a skull/clown head, is reproduced in C.Fig.3.5).

See also Sketchbooks nos.16 (early 1980s?), 17 (dated 1981), and 22 a & b (early 1980s?), and Visual Diaries no. D 11 (c.1979-82).

[photo: Fragmentary sketch, c.1981? (black fibre-tipped pen, 56 x 52 irreg.; Arkley archive)]