Wall Painting (Muzak Mural) (1981) [3/M]

Synthetic polymer paint on wall

Formerly Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

This work was commissioned by John Nixon, then director of the IMA, and a central figure in Australian minimalist and conceptual art in this period (and since). The exhibition brochure includes a significant catalogue essay by Paul Taylor (subsequently reprinted in Duncan 1991), and a reproduction of a related work on paper: Untitled [study for Muzak Mural] 1981 [W/P].

Arkley’s files contain extensive photographic documentation of this mural and its production. For further discussion, see comments in Spray 46-7, and Carnival 64-5 (discussing the work in the context of late 1970s/early 80s minimalism and conceptualism).


  • (see comments above)


  • Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, 7-30 July 1981


  • Taylor, ‘Howard Arkley – Muzak Mural’ 1981 (exh.cat.)
  • Duncan 1991 (HA Monash exh.cat.), 12-13 (reprinting Taylor’s 1981 catalogue essay; with installation photo)
  • Spray 46-47 (inc. installation photos)
  • Carnival 64-5 (incorrectly identifying the commissioning curator as Peter Cripps) and Fig.2.12